Monday, November 10, 2014

Your Faithful Elephant

Area: Converse
Companion: Sister Sarah Felix

Good afternoon!

I'm learning so much! I wish I had more stories for y'all this week. There are a couple good ones. Sorry it's a little shorter. :)

Sister Felix had MLC (missionary leadership council) meeting this week, so I spent the day with Sister Farmer, whose companion was also at MLC. I learned a lot from her. She's always so open and cheerful. While we were knocking on doors, we ran into someone who wasn't really interested, but Sister Farmer asked if we could pray with her. After we did, her whole attitude changed and the spirit was there. Sister Felix and I are doing that more now. It really brings the spirit, and often opens up more interest. We had a neat experience praying with someone. She was having a hard day and wasn't interested, but let us pray with her. After we prayed with her, the spirit was so strong and she asked us questions. She even referred us to one of her neighbors.

The weather is getting a little colder but still fairly warm during the day. We're going clothes shopping pretty soon so I can get warmer clothes! On Wednesday it rained all day long. It was actually really fun! I don't think I've ever experienced an all day rain shower. We had District meeting that day too, and decided what everyone's spirit animal is. Haha! The animals in our district are, a fox, a mole, a bald eagle, a koala, a black bear, an elephant (that's me!), a gnome, a house cat, a sea turtle, and a red wolf. :D It was really funny to hear what everyone's was.

We've been teaching a less active couple, Brother and Sister [V]. They are so amazing! She speaks very little English and he speaks some English, but we always understand each other perfectly. They are so sincere, and have made a goal to not only be active in the church, but be fully involved and get sealed in the temple. She needs to get her work situation taken care of so they can come to church. We read The Family: A Proclamation to the World with them, and the spirit was so strong! We love them so much! They are well on there way.

It's good to be a missionary! Talk to y'all next week!

Your Faithful Elephant (Sister Record)

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