Monday, February 2, 2015

A Great Week!

Area: Serenada
Companion: Sister Melissa Rowley


It's been a great week! I'm amazed at the trust the Lord has placed in us to carry out this assignment of doubling in. Doubling in is also referred to as a "white wash". It is no easy task, but the Lord has asked us to do this and I know that he provides a way for us to accomplish everything he asks us to do. It's interesting to observe the reactions of the ward. They are thrilled. I just feel like a normal missionary. It's humbling to see the ward responding with such gratitude and praise for both the previous missionaries, and for us. We were without a car for 5 days, which isn't bad at all. We got rides from members, who responded so readily. We had people signed up right off the bat.

One evening we had a young mom from the ward driving us. She's pregnant, and by the end of the evening she had to use the restroom. She had been staying in the car when we stopped by people, but when we got to {A}'s home, a potential investigator whom we had never met, this lovely Sister who was driving us had no fear. She came up to the door with us, and after we introduced ourselves she asked if she could come in and use her restroom. I was slightly apprehensive at first, but that is exactly what got us in. After that, {A} let us right in. She had two children herself, so she totally understood and was so kind. She's real funny. We were able to talk with her, get to know her a little, and share a brief message about the Book of Mormon. We left a copy with her and invited her to read it. People are very kind, and often ready to help. I'm convinced that she would not have let us in or listened to us if it weren't for this Sister in the ward. God truly does work in mysterious ways. Who would have thought?

There is a huge retirement community in our area called Sun City. So there are a lot of elderly people. It's awesome. We need to adjust out teaching style a little bit for them, because they love to talk. It's fantastic. We're really enjoying it. I've never seen a retirement community before so it was a little strange to me at first. I've really come to love it. I love this area so much. I am in love with everything about it. It's beautiful, and the people are amazing.

We're teaching an amazing woman named {R}. Her husband is a member who was less-active for many years, and she is not a member. She loves making soap and jewelry. The first day we met her she gave us a whole bunch of stuff that she had made. She's one of those people that I meet and just know that I was supposed to meet her. We look forward to when she finally accepts the invitation to be baptized. She's really close. They've been coming to all three hours of church for the past several weeks.

On Saturday we had the sacred privilege of meeting Elder Russell M. Nelson of the quorum of the twelve apostles. When he arrived, we stood and he asked that we all come forward and shake his hand individually. In an orderly fashion, we each had the opportunity to look into his eyes, and shake his hand. The feeling of shaking his hand is something I will never forget. The spirit radiates in him. I felt a rush of emotion as I looked into his face and saw the image of Christ engraven in his countenance. It was truly special to have that one-on-one opportunity. I was close to the front, so I watched him the majority of the time. He leans forward in his seat and listens very intently to whoever is speaking or singing. Each person who participates whether it be a prayer, a musical number, or speaking, he would shake their hand and genuinely thank them as they walked away. I know that the apostles have been called of God as special witnesses of Christ.

That evening was a spiritual feast. President and Sister Slaughter spoke, President Spinlove, a stake President, spoke at Elder Nelson's request, Elder Wright, and Elder Foster of the seventy also briefly addressed us. Elder Russell M. Nelson spoke for the majority of the time. His words were invaluable. He often refers to the Abrahamic Covenant. He spoke of many gospel truths. I would have to look back at my study journal to recall the specifics. One thing that really stood out to me is when he talked about how God uses the unlikely to accomplish his great purposes. It was good to be reminded that all things are possible through him. Even leading out an area that we're both brand new to. I am so grateful for this unforgettable day to meet a prophet of God.

I'm so glad to be serving a mission!

I love y'all.

Lorielle, I can't wait to use the word y'all with you. It's really become a part of my vocabulary. :)

Have a wonderfully, magically, stupendously great day!

All in.

Sister Record


Ha ha! When Sister Sadie Johnson and I were on exchanges (several weeks ago), a member brought dinner to us. We put that garlic bread in the oven and forgot about it. We came home and remembered as soon as we walked in because the apartment smelled weird. It was really funny. There wasn't any smoke like we thought there would be, everything was fine. We had to take some pictures. It's supposed to be white....

Sister Johnson and Sister Record with blackened bread

Sister Record and Sister Johnson. Blacked garlic bread.

Sister Record and Sister Johnson

Sister Record having a very serious conversation with this knight at the Mercado on P-day. :)

Knight with Sister Record
Goodbyes to Sister Foster.

Sister Record and Sister Foster

Sister Record and Sister Foster being silly

On our way to Austin! Hermana Anguilo and I came out together. We're destined to be travelling buddies. :)

Sister Rowley, Hermana Anguilo and Sister Record

Sister Record in her new area
Here are some pictures of us cleaning our apartment. It was a moment we had to capture.

Sister Melissa Rowley

Sister Record and Sister Rowley cleaning
P.S. Sometimes I struggle taking selfies. Ha ha.

A map showing several cities within Sister Record's area. It's about 19 miles from Georgetown to Florence.

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