Monday, October 20, 2014

His Love Demands My Soul

Area: Converse
Companion: Sister Sarah Felix

Hi ya'll!

There are some words in a song that I love, and think about all the time. They've become somewhat of a motto for me. "His love demands my soul... His love demands my soul, my life, my all." How true this statement is! I am coming to learn that on a deeper level as I serve a mission. Being a missionary is really hard sometimes. The Savior is patient, loving and merciful, but he absolutely demands my soul and my all. He knows what I can become and will not settle for less. He shows me my weaknesses so that I can more fully rely on him and become stronger through His loving grace. This process of growing is really painful sometimes. As a servant of the Lord, I feel the joy of His loving service, and the pain of rejection in a way I haven't before. All the joy, however, far outweighs any pain. I am so grateful for how far I have come, and how much further I have to go. I'm most definitely a different person than I was when I came into the MTC. 

This transfer has been amazing! Sister Felix and I have a really good relationship. She is a great missionary. Every single day we have something to laugh about. This week was a little rough, but we're closer because of it. There are a few good stories about this week. :)

We went to a person's home during the week who had met with missionaries previously but hasn't been taught in a long time. Sister Felix and I had never met them before. When we knocked, a woman in her early 20's answered. A giant German Shepherd bolted out the door and ran across the neighborhood. This woman was obviously concerned. She went back in to get her shoes. The dog was taking off, so Sister Felix and I dropped our stuff and ran after the dog. I'm sure with our skirts flowing in the wind (nothing showing, don't worry) we looked very strange as we chased that dog. It went in someones backyard a couple blocks down. When we finally got close enough, we crept up on it so it wouldn't run away again. I finally caught him! Just as we did, some members pulled up in their car. I was holding the dog, so Sister Felix went over to talk to them. The dog owner caught up with us and had a leash. She is the daughter of the woman who the missionaries had previously taught. I didn't want to stand there awkwardly waiting for Sister Felix so I started talking to her about the restored gospel and God's love for us. We got the dog back home and met [M], [B]'s mom. Needless to say, we got a return appointment with both of them pretty easily. Ha ha! :)

While we were knocking on doors in one neighborhood we had a guy answer a door who looked at us and immediately said "I'm not interested, I don't have time!" then shut the door. No big deal, we get that all the time. It didn't even phase us. We just kept walking. When we were two houses away he came back out and tried to give us money for lunch. It was nice of him, but we can't take money. He wanted us to go buy ourselves some lunch. We thanked him but asked him to keep his money. It was a really interesting experience. Ha ha!

[S] is getting closer and closer to baptism! His date is November 1! I'm not sure if I'll be there for that or not. Transfers are coming up. We'll find out this Sunday what our fate will be. :) He still needs to make the change that has been holding him back. We're maintaining frequent contact with him to ensure that he is doing well. He is so prepared and so ready! He is going to be solid once he gets baptized. He already has such a strong testimony. :D

Always stay positive no matter what. Because there is something special about every day and every moment if we open our eyes to it. That is something I am learning so much this transfer! Moments are indeed the molecules of eternity! I love you all! Keep looking for those missionary opportunities, they're out there.

Sister Record. <3

P.S. Sister Felix and I have discovered a hidden talent of mine... prepare for your minds to be blown. =0) Hahaha!

We die laughing every time... :)

Here's some fairly normal pictures. :D

Sister Felix found some dead bugs

Sister Felix and I at a frozen yogurt place called orange leaf

A dead cockroach. We tried to put a little acorn hat on it, but it wouldn't stay on.

 Weekly planning... enough said.

Last ones

This is sometimes how we make phone calls...

Sister Record looking at a cockroach

Sister Record holding one

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