Monday, October 6, 2014

"I have never felt this way before"

Area: Converse
Companion: Sister Sarah Felix

Hi ya'll!

It's been kind of a crazy morning! The internet at the library we usually go to was down. We went shopping first, but the internet was still down when we were done. So we searched the gps for another library, which was about 20 minutes away and had to get a library card before getting on. Ha ha!

General conference was amazing! I really loved President Eyring's talk. I thought about our family. I appreciate now more than ever the foundation we were built upon as children. Mom and Dad, thank you so much for your steadfastness in doing the small and simple things. Your love and support have built a foundation that will bless generations.

We had an experience yesterday with an investigating family. They are so amazing! We've struggled to get in contact with them. They are so prepared and ready, it's just so hard to have a lesson with them because we could never catch them at the right time. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. During this lesson I had the opportunity to bear witness of Jesus Christ's suffering for us in the garden of Gethsemane. This beautiful family, like many others understood that he suffered for us on the cross, but had never heard about his suffering in the garden of Gethsemane. It was so powerful to teach them that He suffered for our sins so we can be made clean, and He has felt every single pain, sickness, infirmity, weakness, and shortcoming of every single person that has ever lived. The mom teared up as she began to understand what that meant for her. The dad was very thoughtful to whole time. We then taught them about the priesthood authority, and why it is necessary to be baptized. I asked him if he believed that was true. After some thought he replied, "Yes... because I have never felt this way before." We testified that what he was feeling was the spirit telling him that this is true. I wish I could fully describe what a beautiful moment this was. It is an important break through for them in their progression. It is so wonderful to help people see the light. So many are not willing to accept what we have to offer. But when we find those who are ready, it really is amazing to see the transformation that takes place.

Earlier in the week we had a really interesting lesson, to say the least. Ha ha! We met an old man at his doorstep and taught him a 2 minute version of the restoration. He seemed fairly accepting, though we weren't sure how receptive he was. We came back another day, and he was there ready for our company. The house was in slight disarray, he sat us down at his kitchen table, which his cats eat at. He then grabbed some papers that he thought were medical papers. He thought we were there to sign papers for him. We reminded him that we were there to teach him about Jesus. He was pretty confused but let us start teaching him. Come to find out, he was very atheist and didn't believe in God at all. He just thought we were regular company. We briefly testified of the restored gospel and left. He was such a sweet man... Ha ha! It was just a really funny experience. It was the last thing we were expecting.

Once again, general conference was so good! They talked a lot about the restoration. I'm really looking forward to studying it in the ensign. The church is true, and we have a living prophet! :D

All in! I love you all!

(Wish I had more time to update today.) :)

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