Monday, March 16, 2015

Good Afternoon!

Area: Serenada
Companion: Sister Melissa Rowley

I feel so blessed to be serving a mission! We've seen a lot of miracles this week.

As you know, we've been teaching {L}. I'm learning a lot from our experience teaching her. She calls us her flash lights. That's the best way she can describe our glow. She is very analytical and had a hard time trying to describe the power she felt radiating from us, which is the Holy Ghost. She finally settled with calling us flash lights that don't go dim. I find that very interesting, and I love how she feels so connected to that.

Yesterday was an amazing day! There is a woman named {J} who's so busy and hard to get a hold of. Yesterday we decided to give her a shot again. She lives kind of far out in our area. She let us right in and we were able to teach her and her teenage son more about the Book of Mormon. It was a powerful lesson. Initially he only joined because he felt awkward saying no to a couple of ladies. He wasn't really interested. But as we read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and testified of it's truthfulness, the spirit filled the room with such undeniable power. He began to lean forward and listen. It's not hard for {J} to accept, because guess what? She already believes that there had to be other writings other than the bible. She told us that there were so many nations and so many people. It makes no sense to her that we would only have record of people in one part of the world. Can you believe how prepared she is?! We taught them that the Book of Mormon started with a family in Jerusalem 600 years before Christ, ended up in the ancient Americas, and that it teaches the same gospel, etc. When she made that comment, her son leaned forward more and said "yea" as though it was a neat insight that he hadn't thought of before. He asked if he gets to keep the book. It was fun to watch his interest level change. We invited them to read from the Book of Mormon, and to pray and ask God if it's true. They both committed to do so. We are so excited to go back and teach them more. :)

As we were leaving, she referred us to their next door neighbors who just moved in. The woman who answered let us right in, before even knowing what church we're from. She was so kind and invited us to sit down. We introduced ourselves and what church we're from. We asked her how she's felt God's love in her life. She told us how she fought cancer. She has such an inspiring story of hope. She maintained her faith throughout and had a cheerful positive outlook. She's much stronger now, and still alive. It was a neat experience to talk with her. It's amazing how the Lord truly does lead us to those who he is preparing.

I know, with every feeling of my heart, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I drink deeply of it's pages daily and feel the power that comes from doing so. Throughout my life, I've followed the invitation to read, ask God, and find out. I've felt the Holy ghost bear witness to me that it is true. The people in it were real people. I feel more deeply than ever of the truthfulness contained within. President Slaughter once said something like, let us look beyond Book of Mormon stories that my teacher tells to me, and see the Book of Mormon doctrines who's eternal truths shall set me free. (Not a direct quote, but pretty close.) It's true!! It testifies of Jesus Christ, and clarifies things from the Bible. I will declare this with all my heart the rest of my life. And I will defend it with everything that I am. I would give my life for this truth, if called upon to do so.

I am so grateful for the experiences that help me grow and stretch. I am not the same person who entered the MTC. I feel that growth depends a lot on our willingness to submit to the will of the Lord, whatever it may be.

May the Lord continue to bless you all in your various pursuits. I love you! All in!

Sister Record

P.S. How is family scripture study going? I know that y'all are still doing it, but if you've missed some, I encourage you to get back on it. :) I have a strong testimony of the importance of reading the scriptures together as a family. I love you!

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