Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Great to be Alive!

Area: Serenada/Georgetown
Companion: Sister Jessy Montclair
Companion: Sister Rachel Bills

It is great to be alive!

Sister Bills is back in Serenada and Georgetown with Sister Montclair and I. President Slaughter called last night and informed us that there would be an emergency transfer. We're glad to have Sister Bills back for the rest of this transfer! Our morning has been really rushed, so I don't have much time to update today. We're in Austin right now and need to get back soon because we have a lot to do.

I'll try and get you an update today. If not, know that I LOVE YA'LL SO MUCH! This has been an incredible week. And as always, I am learning so much!

Had a great exchange with Sister Hatch. And some fun bonding moments with my companion, Sister Montclair. She's so great! I can't even tell you how amazing she is.

Talk to you soon. If not today, next week for sure!

Sister Record


Sister Training Leaders in the TSAM Mission

Sister Record, Sister Montclair and sisters they drove with.

Mission Leadership Council

Sister Hatch and Sister Record

Sister Swenson and Sister Record

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