Monday, August 3, 2015

What a beautiful day!

Area: Serenada/Georgetown
Companion: Sister Jessy Montclair

This week I have been reflecting on miracles. There was a time when I first got to this area, that I felt overwhelmed and uncertain. I even prayed after my second transfer, that I might be moved soon. Ha ha. I am SO GRATEFUL that Heavenly Father lovingly ignores our narrow-minded, vision-less cries. I had no idea what he had in store for me here, and for the people. God has shown me, through some pruning and shaping, that I am capable of accomplishing hard things. I see now that he didn't just want anyone here, but he wants ME here. Along with each of my companions. I am beginning to see the fruits of our labors.

A couple months ago I wrote about a woman named {K} who we had met outside. It was the instance when we saw her talking on the phone and walked slowly to see if she would hang up, then we talked to her. She let us in for some water, we taught her, etc. Long story. I have never been so specifically led by the spirit than when we were led to {K}. She is set to be baptized soon. Yesterday she bore her testimony in church. She was the first one up after the Bishop. She talked about how we came in contact with her. She was fascinated by the idea that all three of us had our own flare in our clothing. That was what made her want to know who we were. Now here she is, excited and willing to accept the fullness of the gospel. The whole meeting was filled with the spirit of God. {K} loved all the testimonies. I think it was an important turning point for her.

Not only has the area bloomed, but even the ward has transformed. So many people expressed their gratitude for missionary work in testimony meeting yesterday. They were all touched by {K}'s words. It was humbling to see and understand the Lord's plan for the people here.

This weekend a special miracle occurred. An elect son of God was lost, but now he's found. He was blind, and now he sees. He was among the lost of Israel, but he has been gathered.

Elder Adair baptized {D} on Friday and he was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Sunday! The baptism was special. He was so ready to make that covenant with God. The ward is very supportive, and we had a great turn out. Three of our progressing investigators even came. His children got to sit at the window of the font and watch as he was baptized. A couple weeks earlier they were at a baptism where the woman didn't go all the way under and had to do it again a couple times. Just as he came out of the water, cute little {S} said in her sweet voice, "One more time!". Everyone laughed. Luckily, {D} only needed to do it once. He was beaming!

The ward helps out so much with {R} Let me tell you, he is an adorable little trouble maker. He loves all the old people in the ward. Which is amazing. Danny couldn't do it all himself, so it's a blessing that {R} has made himself so well-known and that everyone loves him. At the conclusion of the service a man from the ward formally welcomed him. {R} was sitting in his Dad's lap and really wanted the Brother Bridge to hold him. He was making a bit of a rukus, so Brother Bridge said, "why not?" And picked him up. Immediately {R} was calm. As Brother Bridge continued to talk, {R} looked at him for a moment then pointed at his ear and said "Ear!". Once again, everyone laughed. It was really cute. He looked around at everyone laughing, then pointed at the his nose and said, "nose!"

It was great to see {D} on Sunday. Everything about him is changing. He came to church in a suit and clean white shirt. That makes me so proud, because during one of our lessons we told him to watch his leaders to know how to do little things. He is quick to observe. The spirit was so strong as he received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Some day his children will have that same opportunity, and he will be able to be the one to baptize him. They all look forward to that.

As I have watched and taken part in the growth of the people here, I have grown myself. Now instead of wondering when I'm going to a new area, I'm pleading with the Lord to keep me here forever. Or at least for one more transfer. My heart belongs here. However, the promise "I'll go where you want me to go" remains in my heart. More important than going where he wants me to go though, is "being what he wants me to be". I am so grateful for the change that has taken place in me heart. I testify that the Savior changes our nature, if we but trust him.

His plan is perfect.

I love you all!

Sister Record

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