Monday, October 5, 2015

New Companion

Area: Valley Hi/Heritage
Companion: Sister Sara Risenmay

This has been quite an eventful week. I have had five companions in one week. We sent Sister Powell home on Tuesday. It was really sad to say goodbye to her. But the sadness was short lived. I got to be companions with Sister Smith and Sister Martin for two days. It was delightful! Luckily they live with us so I didn't have to pack things up. We had some wonderful studies and had some great lessons.

I was anxious to see who my new companion would be. On Thursday was our transfer meeting. I was thrilled to find out that Sister Risenmay would be coming from Austin to be my companion. We served near each other before I came here. Since she was coming down from Austin I stayed with Sister Angulo who was also waiting for her companion to come from Austin.

Sister Risenmay and I are seriously almost the same person. Her and I are so much alike. In 24 hours we were already finishing each other's sentences. Ha ha.

The moment we arrived together in Valley Hi we had dinner with our investigator, {H}. She is the most prepared person I have ever met. She's the one who we invited to be baptized after the general woman's meeting. She is currently preparing for that day.

Watching General conference this weekend was a spiritually exhilarating experience. What blew my mind is that Sister Risenmay and I were having the exact same impressions. We felt so deeply of the need to be all in, all our lives. This mission is not just about now. We as daughters of God are preparing to be mothers. We must cling to the word of God. Because if we do not, we will not survive the storms of the world. As we cling to the rod of iron, we will be able to be the righteous mothers that the church needs. I am not afraid to raise my children in these last days, because I know in whom I have trusted. As was so beautifully taught in word and song, "All is well!" My trust and confidence in the Lord and his message has deepened. I will be faithful to him no matter what storm comes. I will not fear, only hope in eternal life. I will be a righteous mother. As Sister Risenmay and I talked in the car between sessions we were on fire. We realized that it's not just about now, it's about eternity. "Moments are the molecules that make up eternity". Neil A. Maxwell.

How grateful I am for the restored gospel. I know it's true.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sister Record


Sister Powell and Sister Record: The day before Sister Powell left. Orange leaf selfies!

Sister Record, Sister Martin, Sister Smith: In a temporary trio with Sister Martin and Sister Smith. After dropping Sister Powell off I stayed with them for two days before receiving my new companion. Sister Smith didn't know we were taking a picture. Ha ha! 

Sister Record and Sister Risenmay: My new companion! Sister Sara Risenmay. Her and I are practically the same person. She was companions with Sister Powell a while back. :)

Sister Risenmay, Sister Fullam, Sister Smith, and Sister Record

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