Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Walk Out the Door

Area: Valley Hi/Heritage
Companion: Sister Sara Risenmay

Dearest family and friends,

My heart is overjoyed as I reflect on this past week we've had. The miracles have been overwhelming. Every day we meet people who are so prepared and who recognize us as servants of the Lord. Almost every single person we meet is looking for a church and desires more. I wish I could share with you each miracle we have seen, but there is way too many. Sister Risenmay and I have focused on and discussed three main things this transfer:

1. Creating a culture of consecration. Or in other words, to love God.
2. Inspiring, rather than simply motivating or dictating
3. The power of unity

I have learned much about companionship unity on my mission. I can honestly say that every single one of my companions and I have become unified, and I love each of them dearly. What does it mean to be unified?

The Lord so beautifully instructs us in D&C 38:27, "...be one; and if ye are not one, ye are not mine."

That is pretty straight forward. If we are not one as disciples of Christ, we are not his. How can we properly represent Jesus Christ if we are not one? It doesn't work very well. The solution to any such struggle is this. We have the power to choose. Choose to love God and his children. Choose to be unified with those whom we serve with. Whether it be a spouse, a family member, a companion, etc. God has instilled in each of us a power that can be used to inherit all that he has, or abused to lead us into spiritual bondage. We are agents, not objects.

I have never experienced unity to the extent that I have with Sister Risenmay. I don't know what it is about Sister Risenmay, but we literally share the same vision in everything we do.

Yesterday we had three different classes to teach between the two wards we cover. As we set our stuff down in the gospel principles class after our second sacrament meeting, we needed to take a restroom break before teaching. We did not have a chance to get to the restroom because a member of the ward called from the other direction and told us that there were some people outside who weren't members that wanted to talk to us. We followed him outside and met a couple who were dressed in regular clothes. The woman, {A} was overwhelmed. She told us that she needed to be here. The man, {T}, was standing close behind and seemed very supportive. As we got to talking with them we found out that they had never been to our church before. They have both been going through a lot, and somehow just knew that this was where they needed to be. We looked at them and assured them that they had been led here by God. The moments those words left my mouth, {A} broke into tears and Sister Risenmay hugged her for a long time. {T} piped in and said that they just wanted to be a part of a good community and that he felt this is where they could find it. They explained that they're looking for a place to raise there family. {A} emphatically stated that she knows this is where they need to be because she could feel it. She was very adamant when she said, "I want to be here every single Sunday!" They didn't want to go inside right then because they felt uncomfortable with how they were dressed. We talked with them for a good 10 or 15 minutes. We are very excited to start teaching them tonight. They are incredibly prepared! When we walked inside we could barely contain our excitement. We looked at each other and whispered with a big smile, "What just happened??" and gave each other a big hug. Ha ha! Sister Risenmay and I were quite late to gospel principles. The regular teacher went ahead and got started.

Needless to say, we shared with our gospel principles class the miracle that had just occurred and testified that the Lord is truly preparing his people to receive the gospel. All we did was WALK OUT THE DOOR, and they were there. We shared that with the Elders quorum as well.

{H} is doing amazing. She has had some trials, but she isn't letting that stop her. It's been hard to set up appointments because of all that's been going on. So we just pop in on her and we're able to have a lesson that way. She is so ready. Her family who are the members are coming into town today. She's going to talk to them about a date for her to get baptized. She wants them to be there. They have no idea yet. We are planning to have a lesson with her while they're there, and we're thrilled to meet them. We just know that they will be thrilled to hear that {H} is finally ready to take that step! Despite some arthritic pain, she made it to church on Sunday, and was deeply touched during the sacrament, as we had left her with the sacrament prayers in Moroni 4 and 5 to read before coming. She told us just before they started passing the bread that she read the chapters.

There have been countless moments every single day that we just look at each other and stand amazed at the Lords hand guiding us. At one point last night we both wondered why there are so many miracles. Through the inspired words of our mission President this morning in his weekly email, we now know that it is very much a direct result of our unity and faithfulness to God that is opening the windows of Heaven in such a powerful way. There is indeed power in unity.

I love the Lord. I know that my companion loves the Lord. And I couldn't be more happy.

Sister Record


This is after an exchange with Sister Gagon, one of the new lead
sister training leaders. The sun was super bright...

After we went on exchanges with the Palo Alto Sisters, who live with us, Sister Risenmay and Sister Fullum (far left) made us a delicious breakfast of German pancakes and fruit.

We finished inputting one of our area books in the area book planner app. It is a lot of work. We celebrated with Sonic ice cream. Yum!

The Miracles of technology! We were able to be present at Sister Risenmay's investigators baptism. He lives up past Austin, while we're here in San Antonio. It was wonderful.

Sister Risenmay and I shortly after MLC the week before last.

Look at what my hair did, naturally! It looks like I curled it with a
curling iron, but it did that all by itself. I must have wrapped the
towel around my head just right or something... I wish it would do
that every day.

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