Monday, November 30, 2015

No Rotten Lemons

Area: Valley Hi/Heritage
Companion: Sister Sara Risenmay

My dear family and friends,

What happens when you squeeze an orange? Orange juice comes out. What happens when you squeeze a lemon? Lemon juice comes out. What if the fruit is rotten? Then very stinky juice will likely be squeezed out. In our most recent transfer meeting, President Slaughter counseled us that often times the Lord puts a bit of pressure on us. Just enough to try our faith, and prove our obedience. "And we will prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them" (Abraham 3:25) He then asked a stirring question. When the pressure hits, what comes out? When we have trials, when the Lord squeezes us a little, what comes out is what's inside. Let's hope we aren't rotten fruit. The words of our President proved to be inspired as we have had a very trying couple of weeks. This week in particular.

If there is one thing I've learned on my mission, it is the value of pleading for spiritual gifts such as charity, patience, faith, etc... I think that a common view among people is to avoid praying for patience or humility. I've heard people say many times, "Oh don't pray for patience, because the Lord will give it to you." Of course he will! He is the giver good gifts. Why would we not want to plead for the very attributes that allow us to become more Christlike. The scriptures teach us that we should seek correction. Seek light and truth. Hunger and thirst after righteousness. And ask, "What lack I yet?" So I do with a love for God and a desire to become like his son.

The week before last, I was deeply inspired to not just pray for, but plead for greater patience, love, and humility. I felt a total submissiveness to the will of the Lord and a pure desire to grow. A couple days later I got quite sick. For almost an entire week I have been sicker than I ever have my entire mission. This past week we proselyted for a total of about an hour, besides Saturday. Saturday we were able to be out all day. This morning as Sister Risenmay and I reflected on the experience we have had we were reminded of a scripture in Mosiah 24:15 "...the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord." This scripture speaks the exact words of my heart. I will never cease pleading for gifts of the spirit and I will always strive to "submit cheerfully to all the will of the Lord".

Saturday was miraculous. We taught several lessons, and found 7 new investigators all in one day, which is more than we've had in one week in a long time.

Yesterday was the most interesting day. Sister Slaughter instructed me to go the the Urgent Care that morning, therefore missing our first ward. We had planned to do a musical number but had to text our pianist and postpone it. I probably couldn't have sang well anyways. After receiving the diagnosis, I was given some medication. We were able to make it to our second ward but I barely made it through. Let's just say that I couldn't stand for more than 10 minutes. We were both supposed to give the lesson in third hour, but we were afraid that I would faint... So Sister Risenmay gave the entire lesson. I learned a lot about companion unity. Even though she was the only one speaking, we were one. Her words were mine and it was the message the Lord wanted us to share. That evening I received a powerful priesthood blessing from our district leader and his companion. The spirit filled the room as they laid their hands on my head. As he gave the blessing I knew what was coming. For a moment I asked myself, do I really have the faith for that to happen? I told the lord that I did. These words followed. "In the name of Jesus Christ, we command you to be healed." I couldn't hold back the tears as the warmth of the spirit enveloped my heart. Immediately I had strength to stand. The illness left. I could breath completely normal and I was able to get up and move. I have an utmost surety that the priesthood is the power of God. It heals. I am grateful for how the Lord provided for us in so many ways. At the Urgent Care we were able to talk to 4 people, mostly workers. At the pharmacy we talked to the man standing in line behind us. We shared the gospel with them. This week we found more new investigators then we have in a long time, part of which was a family of 6. Even though we were probably out for a total of 12 hours. Most of those hours were on Saturday. We had enough miles on our car to get around without having to use our bikes. God is so good! We have never grown so much as a companionship than we have this week. And now, we made it over the mountain.

When the pressure is on, what comes out? For us, it was a strengthening of faith, hope, and devotion to the Lords work. I have never loved the Lords work more. The fire is burning in our hearts. Our ability to stay focused was increased and we did serve with all our hearts. I can assure you that I will never stop pleading with God for patience, humility, charity, etc. "Come what may, and love it". Heavenly Father knows what he's doing and I trust him. He will not give us anything more than we can bear as we rely on the Savior Jesus Christ. This is my testimony.

Sister Record


After dinner with the Thuesons. They are fantastic!

A beautiful Thanksgiving dinner layout at a part member families
home. Yes, we had two Thanksgiving dinners. I was stuffed after the
first one, and we had about an hour between that one and our next one.
Luckily my stomach expanded to fit more the second time around.

We had great fun visiting with Cathy on Thanksgiving day. We were
given a lot of left over food, so we made a plate and shared some with

It's starting to get cold here in Texas. :)

Sister Record and Sister Risenmay at Urgent Care. Sister Record is doing much better.

 Sister Record, St Nick and Sister Risenmay

Umm... St Nicks.

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