Monday, May 25, 2015

The Lord Trusts Us

Area: Serenada
Companion: Sister Raelynn Pito

Transfer: Staying in Serenada with Sister Pito and getting a third companion.

NOTE: Just want to let y'all know that we're okay. We are with the Adairs. Haven't seen a tornado yet. We think we're good.

Man, the Lord sure does trust us.... We got our transfer calls yesterday. Sister Pito and I will be staying together in the Serenada ward, we'll be receiving a new companion and be tripling in to the Georgetown area. So we'll be covering two areas, one of which will be a "white wash". Excited? Well... yea. Amazed that the Lord keeps making me do things that I didn't think I could do. Uh... yea! It's definitely humbling. I'm excited to be with the Adairs in the Georgetown ward. I think this white wash will be easier than the last one since we'll be in a trio and have Elder and Sister Adair with us. This will be my first trio!

We have seen a lot of miracles this week. But I'll start with a funny story. We were visiting a less active woman in the ward whom we've never met. She lives in an assisted living place. We arrived in the evening so she was in bed when we got there, but not asleep. She had a wheel chair next to her bed. She was so sweet, but we quickly realized that she was senile because she wasn't making sense when she spoke. She would say a few words, but not complete any sentences. We sang a hymn for her and offered a prayer. As we were leaving, we held her hand and told her we loved her. As soon as Sister Pito took her hand, her eyes got real wide. She did a cute little gasp and said in her soft old lady voice, "Wow, she's brown!" We had to grit our teeth not to laugh out loud right then. But when we got in the car we laughed and laughed. The one thing we could understand from her was how brown Sister Pito is. Ha ha!

We had a wonderful time helping a family do family home evening this week. There is a 9 year old and 4 year old girl. We talked about baptism, and following Jesus Christ. To illustrate, we played follow the leader. There was a spill on the floor that I made sure to step carefully over. We talked about how when we are baptized, we follow Jesus Christ. As we strive to follow him exactly, and say we're sorry when we make mistakes, we can avoid slipping on water and getting hurt. Or in other words, falling away. Sister Pito showed a neat trick with water, pepper, and dish soap to illustrate what happens when we repent. It was so fun! I love kids!

About two weeks ago we met a woman walking down the street after picking her kids up from the bus stop. We approached them, and she initially seemed cautious. She started crossing the street as she saw us coming. We crossed over, and talked to her. She was nice, but not super committed. On Saturday we finally went to there house and taught them the Restoration. Her boyfriend joined us. When we talked about Joseph Smith and his search for the truth, she started to cry. She told us about an experience she had the other day where she felt God's love for her strongly, and that she was feeling it again as we spoke. She told us that she knows this is a sign from God. We invited them to church. They said they would come. Of course we hoped they would, but we've had such a struggle getting people to church that we weren't fully expecting them to come. During the opening hymn, they came in! Sister Pito and I were so excited, we jumped up out of our seats and walked with them to a place to sit. They brought their 8 year old daughter, who during the meeting asked her mom, "Where is God?" To which she responded, we can feel him. They stayed all three hours and interacted well with the ward members. How my heart was filled with joy! After primary the little girl told her mom, "Mom, we can hear him too! With his... holy... his holy, his spirit ghost!" They must have learned about listening to the holy ghost. It was really cute. This family is destined to enter the fold of God through baptism. They are so prepared!

We also started teaching a family who's son has been warmly fellowshipped by the young men in the ward. Their hearts have been softened as the boys have accepted and befriended their son who normally struggles socially. He is a fantastic young man, who shared his testimony in fast and testimony meeting his first time there. I'm really grateful for the youth in this ward who reached out and who share their testimony with people around them.

There have been many faith building experiences this transfer and this week. There have also been moments that caused me to have to re-learn what faith is. I now know on a deeper level what it means to have constant faith. Having constant faith does not mean that we don't face discouragement, or that we don't feel sad from time to time. But it means that even when we face times of heartache or weakness, that we trust the Lord and keep going. My heart had ached a couple times. This transfer, I thought a during those times that because I felt that way, my faith must have been weak. Now I know that faith is to hope for things which are not seen, which are true. (See Alma 32:21) I am so grateful for the refiners fire. And for what it takes to have true faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a witness of his love for me, and each of his children. I know that he lives, and that he is aware of our needs. As we trust in him, we will see miracles. I have.

I love you all.

Sister Record

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