Monday, July 20, 2015

A Joyful Task

Area: Serenada/Georgetown
Companion: Sister Jessy Montclair

Dearest family and friends,

I am so sorry this is late and short today.

I almost feel burdened with the joyful task of trying to explain what has happened this week! :) I can relate with the Nephites in ancient America when the Savior ministered to them after his resurrection. Speaking of the prayer he offered it was recorded, "And tongue cannot speak the words which he prayed, neither can be written by man the words which he prayed." (3 Nephi 19:32) I will try my best to articulate some of the experiences and feelings I have had.

Sister Montclair, Sister Turpin and Sister Record

We had an incredible exchange with Sister Turpin. Sister Turpin was my first sister training leader and I went on my first exchange with her. That exchange was very important to me as a brand new missionary. It not only changed my view of the mission, but it changed my life. It was indeed one of those moments that I'll never forget, a stepping stone of eternity. She has been assigned various responsibilities on her mission. This exchange was miraculous. The doctrine of leadership has sunk deep into my heart. I now know more than ever that there is no such thing as "ranks" in our church. One of the greatest leaders I know is Sister Pito, and she has been a junior companion her whole mission up until now. I have watched in awe as various leaders in our mission have taken on a seemingly "lesser" assignment after having served as an assistant or other capacity. What I've learned is that it doesn't matter what assignment we have or don't have because the Lord needs us where ever we're at. Not only that, but he calls us in our weakness and qualifies us for the work. How unfortunate it would be if we were to fail to magnify a calling simply because we didn't think it was anything special. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in whatever capacity the Lord asks me to do. During that exchange we learned a lot together.

Sister Record and Sister Smith

Sister Smith came here with me on an exchange earlier in the week. We met an awesome guy named Albert. He was a little younger than us, and considered himself atheist. We asked why he considers himself atheist. He responded that so many bad things happen in this world that it's hard for him to understand that there would be a God. As we listened with love, the spirit took over. We unfolded some scriptures from the Book of Mormon that spoke of why bad things happen, and that there is a God who loves us. After speaking with him, we offered him a Book of Mormon, which he excitedly accepted and wanted to learn more. It's interesting how many people accept invitations to learn more. It's often those whom we initially think are unlikely possibilities.

Also during that exchange we heard of a baptismal service last minute, and scrambled to get {D} and his kids there. It was wonderful to be able to attend with them. The spirit at a baptism is undeniable. This particular baptism, the woman being baptized didn't go all the way under and the ordinance had to be repeated so she could be fully immersed. It was a great learning  opportunity for {D} and his kids. The ward is really taking them in. Tonight we will be having a family home evening with them at some member's home.

This week has been miraculous! We have so many exchanges coming up, it's awesome. I'm excited for all the growth that awaits. Stayed tuned.

Here is my pearl for the week: Remember Ammonihah
All in!

Sister Record

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