Sunday, June 21, 2015

Would you like some water?

Area: Serenada/Georgetown
Companion: Sister Raelynn Pito
Companion: Sister Rachel Bills

Good morning!

There are a couple investigators we're teaching that are really progressing and are committed to be baptized soon. I'll keep you updated on them.

We had a neat experience this week that I want to describe in detail. As I do, you will see how apparent the Lords hand was in the whole thing. It all starts with the night before. After praying and seeking for inspiration, we planned for the next day, as we do, each night. The following day we went to a neighborhood we planned and stopped by a couple people from our area book. None of which were home, so we decided to walk. At one point we were leaving someone's door and ready to go back to the car. We were pretty far away from it and were trying to decide which way to go back. We decided to turn left. But as we were leaving we went to the right. We didn't say anything, we just walked, even though we had previously decided to turn left. We walked, knocked on a couple doors, and we were nearing the turn we were going to take to get back to the street our car was on. But on the street before the turn we were going to take, we saw a family outside in their yard. Sister Pito asked, "have we talked to them?" I said, "I can't remember." So we went for it. They were not interested, and I realized that Sister Rowley and I had previously met the wife.

Instead of turning back, we kept walk down that street because it also led back to the street we were headed to. Near the end of that street just before our turn, we saw a woman outside talking on her phone. Sometimes we talk to people when their on the phone, sometimes we don't. Initially we might have passed by her. But this time we slowed down and listened to see if she would say bye. As soon as she did we turned around and walked back to her. She was so nice. At first we were talking at surface level, introducing ourselves, etc. She asked us if we wanted some water. We could have either said, "no thanks" or "yes please". We said yes. As a result, she invited us into her home. We taught her the restoration, and she is amazingly prepared. She easily accepted the first vision and a prophet in our day because of an incredible experience she had years ago. She's been through a lot, but is such a kind, deeply spiritual person. She has two young children, and has gone on mission trips to Mexico with them. We invited her to come to church the next day. She agreed, and the next day, all three of them came to church. She's well known in the community because she owns her own business, so a lot of the ward members already knew her, including the bishop. She loved it and agreed to come back and continue learning.

Now, imagine if all those little events that led up to that moment didn't happen. Imagine if we weren't rejected by that family just before. If we hadn't talked to that family the timing would not have been perfect in finding {K}. Following the promptings of the spirit is so key in finding those whom the lord is preparing. Often times we need to talk to someone who is not prepared in order to find those who are prepared. And often times those who are prepared are those who we wouldn't initially think to talk to because they're "busy on the phone", or don't seem like "the type". It's amazing how when we are truly living his gospel and being obedient, that he puts us where we need to be and we do not doubt. When we're not being obedient it's easy to miss precious opportunities.

We see so many miracles every day. I know that when we humble our hearts, and plead for the eyes to see, we began to see Gods hand in wonderful ways.

I feel so blessed to be here. My companions are amazing. Sister Pito and I have gotten really close. Sister Bills has brought a needed light to this area. Together, with the Lord, nothing can stop his work form moving forward full speed. How grateful I am for this restored gospel, and the gift of repentance. It is beautiful. I will proclaim the gospel and declare the beauty of repentance forever more.

"...But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay." Jeremiah 20:9

This church is true. We have a living prophet. Through Christ we can be made clean.

I love you all! Keep looking for those missionary opportunities. The promise from the lord is that there are people prepared right now, in this land. Meaning, wherever you are. Someone is prepared today to feel, to see, and to hear your testimony. (See Alma 13:24)

All in!

Sister Record <3

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