Monday, June 8, 2015

And Their Box Shall Never Fail

Area: Serenada/Georgetown
Companion: Sister Raelynn Pito
Companion: Sister Rachel Bills

Good morning!
Sister Record, Sister Bills and Sister Pito

This week has been such an incredible week full of miracles and growth! This work is truly the Lords work.

One of the subtle miracles I've noticed this week is that we have not run out of copies of the Book of Mormon. Lately we've felt inspired to hand our more copies of the Book of Mormon. A couple weeks ago we were almost out of them. We asked our district leader for some of theirs. The gave us a stack of about 20. Throughout this week I kept wondering how many we had left because we were bound to be out of them at any moment. We just kept handing them out without worrying about it. Yesterday I saw that we still have a lot left. In my mind I was thinking, "that can't be though, because we didn't have very many to begin with." Interesting... I'm still not sure how to explain that, but I do know that the Lords work will always move forward unhindered. And every single time we go to get another Book of Mormon there is a big stack of them and were able to give one out to each person that we feel inspired to.

Yesterday we had so many lessons in both areas. One of them was with a woman who we've met several times. Each time she was busy and not super interested. This time we came to her door and asked if she had a few minutes we could come in and share a message of hope with her. She agreed and let us in. Initially she was totally against the Book of Mormon and the Prophet, Joseph Smith. She had so many objections, all of which could be answered. However, we didn't jump right into answering them, knowing that we needed the spirit. We showed her the "he lives" video and that changed the environment.

Because He Lives

The Holy Ghost was so strong as we testified of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, completely illuminating any doubts she had. Her heart softened, and she listened intently. She then committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray to find out if it is true, and we got a return appointment. It was amazing the change of heart she had after that! We were so bubbly after that lesson that we sang hymn after hymn in the car on the way to our next destination. That was one of many miraculous lessons we have had this week.

I've been thinking about an experience I had a couple months before I left for my mission. I was sitting in a mission prep class when something the teacher said caused me to deeply reflect on my commitment to serve a mission. I wondered, if I knew before leaving that not a single door would open for me, that I would never see someone come and be baptized, and that each companion would be totally opposite from my personality, would I still go? Would I still choose to go even if I knew that all I would face was rejection? I pondered on that for some time, and came to the absolute conclusion that I would. Why? Because I had felt of the redeeming power of the atonement and wanted to share the great joy of the restored gospel with others. I knew that even if that were the case, I would be satisfied in knowing that I was serving the Lord. The spirit then bore witness to me that that would not be the case. That the gifts God has given me would be used to touch the hearts of many.

That decision I made proved to be an important one. I had an opportunity to renew my commitment with the Lord as I stood in testimony meeting and testified. The spirit filled my being as my mouth opened and the words of eternal life proceeded forth. Almost without realizing it I declared the truth, "If it were not true, I would not be here. I give my life, and will continue to give my life for this cause." I was overcome with emotion when I realized that the very words coming out of my mouth were a direct answer to my prayers, a renewal of my commitment to the Lord and his work. I am here because this is the truth. "I know it. I live it. I love it."

Before my mission, I thought I knew the gospel. I didn't. It wasn't until I was consistently teaching and testifying of the principles that I really understood and gained a knowledge of his gospel. There is power in bearing our testimonies. When we don't feel like sharing our testimonies, or when we think we're not strong enough to do it, that is when we need to the most. Because it is then that the spirit can bear witness not only to those listening, but to our own hearts.

Now, what is a testimony? Well, it isn't telling a story for 10 minutes. It isn't listing our blessings. Both of those things are very good and important to do. But they are not testimonies. We will not understand the gospel until we truly understand what a testimony is, and share it. A testimony is a declaration of truth. The shorter and more clearly stated it is, the more powerful it is for the spirit to testify to each heart, including our own.

I testify with everything that I am that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. The people in it were real people. And the message contained within is of Christ and of eternity. Jesus is the Christ. Through him, I have changed. Through him, I continue to change. He is the light, life, and hope of the world. He is my strength. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lord's kingdom on the Earth. In it is found the fullness of his gospel and his restored priesthood. God loves me, and he loves each of his children. These things I know of a surety, through the power of the Holy Ghost. I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Record

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