Monday, December 1, 2014

A Time of Thanksgiving

Area: Converse
Companion: Sister Sarah Felix

Happy Birthday Eric! There's a birthday card coming your way. Also, I sent you an email. :)

It's been a good week! There are miracles happening every day.

Yesterday we were at an apartment complex trying to visit [J]. She wasn't home, but her brother was. We taught him the Restoration about a month or so ago. He's super busy, so we were glad to catch him. Hopefully we'll see [J] tonight. We taught him more about the Book of Mormon. He has a true desire to come closer to God. After seeing him, we both had the impression to keep walking  past our car. We saw a family a little ways away getting into their car. They drove away before we could get to them. We kept walking though, and saw a woman getting into her car. Initially we didn't think we would get there in time, but we got there and found out that she locked her keys in the car and was waiting for her mom to come help her. The Lord works in mysterious ways. :) We got to talking and saw that she was interested, so we taught her some of the Restoration with a focus on eternal families. It really touched her. Her parents got a divorce when she was young. She is getting married soon and has a daughter. We asked her how she would feel knowing that she can have an eternal relationship with her daughter and her husband. There was so much longing in her eyes. She said that would be really amazing. We then told her that those promises are available in God's holy temple through his priesthood authority. It was incredible to watch the spirit work in her. We have an appointment to see her again. This is the Lord's work... He knows and loves every single person. There is no way Sister Felix and I could have known that that was what she needed to hear.

We spent Thanksgiving with the [L] family. They are so awesome! They had some friends over too. At the end we asked everyone to say something they're grateful for. The spirit is always present when we express our gratitude. There is power in counting our blessings. I felt so much love for my companion as I expressed how grateful I am for her. We are with each other all day every day, we've been through some thick and thin. She's been an important influence in my life as a missionary. She is definitely one of my best friends. That night we got home early because we didn't have anyone else to see. We looked at her family pictures and I learned every single one of her siblings names. She has 13 siblings. She's number 12 of 14. I felt quite accomplished. :)

Transfer calls are coming up. We'll be getting them this Sunday... By next Monday we'll know what our fate for next transfer is. :) I wouldn't mind staying with Sister Felix another transfer, but I am ready to do what ever is asked of me. I know that whatever is asked of me will be a call from the Lord. I can hardly believe how fast this transfer has gone! Time seems to be picking up speed.

Thanks for all y'alls support. I'm striving to become a true Texan. I try so hard to remember to say "Yes ma'am", "Yes sir", and "y'all" but I usually forget. Maybe I'll get it down in a couple months. Ha ha!

Miracles are every where. Last week we didn't see as many people as we did the week before, but it was still a good week. We were in most of the day on Saturday because I was sick with a yucky cold... I'm doing better now though! By the way, look into "He is the Gift" on The church is focusing a lot on it this Christmas season, and we as missionaries are doing a lot with it. We have special pass along cards and a weekly summary just for "He is the Gift". The video is inspiring!

I love y'all! Stay warm... :)


Sister Record

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  1. I love reading your updates, Sister Record. Each week I can see even more growth, spiritually and personally. I remember when your dad came home from his mission. We had thought he was so grown up when he left, but when he came home, the difference was amazing. I've no doubt it will be for you, too.

    I'm so grateful for the friendship you have with Sister Felix. There are great challenges in spending all day every day with another person, but it sounds as if the two of you have done what it takes to build that physical closeness into a lasting spiritual closeness. That will be of great benefit to the work you're doing, too.

    Had to laugh at "all y'all" ... the iterations of "y'all" have become my favorite pronouns since living in Tennessee. I'll admit that it still seems strange to hear little children say "yes ma'am" and "yes sir," but I think there is great value in teaching even surface respect. As a child grows, those things will mature and help someone to become a respectful, caring adult.

    I hope this week is a wonderful one for you.
    Love and hugs,