Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Area: Converse
Companion: Sister Victoria Foster

Merry Christmas!

This is such a beautiful time of year to reflect on our Saviour, Jesus Christ. What a privilege it is to share the gift.

Yesterday we came to the home of an older woman. Her dogs bolted out. I felt bad, so I went after one and Sister Foster went after the other... Ha ha. It was quite enjoyable. It reminded me of a similar experience. One that I shared a couple months ago. This is not the first time I went after someone's dog. As soon as we got the dog back to her she closed the door in our face. I slipped a "He is the Gift" card in her door and we went on our merry way. Hopefully she'll remember those strange girls that brought her dogs back for her and want to learn more. I felt pretty cheerful after that experience. Yes, it was kind of disappointing that she didn't want to listen even after we did that for her, but we were still able to help her. And I'm glad we did. I hope she'll find that card and be touched by it.

We've been on bikes/member rides for almost three weeks now. It's really fun to ride a bike, I love it. Our car has been in the shop from previous damage and took longer than they thought. Initially it might seem like a bit of a setback, but we've found so many people in this small area surrounding our apartment. On our way out of our apartment, we met a young adult named [J]. It would have been easy to pass right by him, but that's not what we do as missionaries. (We try not to, anyways). We stopped and talked to him, and ended up teaching him the whole restoration in 5 minutes. He was very receptive. We prayed with him and he thanked us. We got his information and we'll be seeing him again. It is amazing how much our teaching pool has increased simply by talking to everyone. It doesn't matter if they're getting in their car, or if they're clear across the street. There are some awkward situations sometimes, but by talking to everyone, God truly does lead us to those he has prepared. It's amazing!

I am grateful for this sacred work that the Lord has entrusted me with. I know that I am laboring beside him, that this is His work, not mine. I also know that "Gratitude transcends all that is happening around us." (President Dieter F. Uchtdorf)

This is kind of a short update, have a wonderful week! I love y'all! All in! :)


Sister Record :)

P.S. Thanks Alexis Wesley for the ginger bread house! Sister Felix and I loved making it. Wish we got more pictures for ya. :)


My MTC group!! Sister Foster, Sister Warnick, Sister Record and Sister Pito

With Sister Pito again! We saw each other at the Christmas conference, it was great!

6 days after our separation. I was SO happy to see Sister Felix again

Sister Foster and I :)

Sister Swenson and I. We used to share an apartment with her and
Sister Smith, until they got doubled out and Elders came in.

Sister Smith and I

Sister Johnston and all her "daughters" One of them is brand new. I forgot her name.

The aluminium angel that Sister Swenson carved.

Me next to Sister Felix, the aluminium angel that Sister Swenson
carved. You can see her masterful art skills. :)

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